NRJE honors colleagues with grants and awards in four categories: 

  • The Harold Wechsler Award for Emerging Scholars is intended to provide modest support to the most promising emerging scholars in the field. Doctoral students who have advanced to candidacy are eligible.
  • The Sylvia and Moshe Ettenberg Research Grant in Jewish Education is intended to support innovative and significant research in the field. The Moshe and Sylvia Ettenberg Award Fund will be issuing one final research award of $10,000, for research in 2025. Applications will be due August 15, and notification will be by November 1.
  • The Journal of Jewish Education Article of the Year Award is intended to recognize an article in the Journal that combines intellectual rigor, originality, and excellence of argumentation.
  • The Carol K. Ingall Prize for Outstanding Research is intended to recognize an outstanding work of scholarship (published elsewhere than in the Journal of Jewish Education) within the last three years that offers a significant contribution to the understanding of an educational issue or question in Jewish education.

Please see each award’s webpage for more information.