Please note this is a draft and all sessions are subject to change.

Monday, June 17, 2019      

9:00-10:00 am Registration and Light Breakfast                                                   

8:00-9:45 am    Journal of Jewish Education Board Meeting and Breakfast in Room 6112

10:00-11:30 AM         Paper and Spotlight Session 1                          

S 1.1.Paper Session: Israel Education.  Authors: Ezra Kopelowitz, Keren Fraiman, Alex Pomson, Sivan Zakai. Chair: Benjamin Jacobs     

S 1.2 Spotlight Session: Networks: Connecting to Support Jewish Educators. Evie Rotstein and Cyd Weissman

S 1.3 Paper Session: Topics in Jewish Education. Authors: Jeffrey Schein, Andrea Jacobs, Jon Levisohn. Chair: Rachel Lerner  

S 1.4 Paper Session: Identity Formation of Rabbis, Teachers, and the Undecided. Authors: Light Soloway, Friedman, Rand. Chair: Bill Robinson

S 1.5 Paper Session: Understanding Jewish Identities of School Children. Authors: Ari Y. Kelman, Maja Gildin Zuckerman, Etan Cohen. Chair: Miriam Heller Stern

11:30 am-1:00 pm NRJE Board Meeting

11:45 am-12:45 pm      Consultation Sessions   

C 1.1: Bethamie Horowitz, Amanda Winer and Joshua Krug: Preliminary Findings from “What are the Terms of Engagement? Israel-Based Gap-Year Programs as Sites for Investigating Israel Education for North American Jews.”            

C 1.2: Rebecca Shargel: Curricular Integration in North American Jewish Day Schools     

C 1.3 Joshua Ladon: What is a Jewish Text? Using Instructional Design to Understand an Emerging Learning Artifact            

Consultation 1.4: Jeffrey Schein: The Text Me Project:  How Does Your Pedagogic Garden Grow

12:45-1:45 pm Lunch and Award Presentations

2:00-3:30 pm            Paper and Spotlight Session 2                          

S 2.1 Spotlight Session: Jewish Lives: A Millennium Cohort Study. Helena Miller and Alex Pomson           

S 2.2 Spotlight Session: From Program Evaluation to Collective Impact: A Sample of Jewish Education Research Initiatives in a Federation. Sabrina Townsend, Rebecca Birger, Zivya Feifel, and Kate Warach  

S 2.3 Spotlight Session: Enduring Dilemmas: The Pathway From Competent Administration to Inspired and Inspiring Leadership. Michael Zeldin, Lesley Litman, Joy Wasserman, Sue Huntting

S 2.4 Spotlight Session: Shlemut by way of Praxis Explication: Merging Research, Theory and Practice. Bill Robinson, Jeffrey Kress, and Jane Shapiro   

S 2.5 Paper Session: Israel Education and Young Adults. Authors: Laura Yares, Joshua Ladon, Daniel Olson. Chair: Bethamie Horowitz

3:45-5:15 pm           Paper and Spotlight Session 3                          

S 3.1 Paper Session: Research from the Day School Classroom. Authors: Moshe Krakowski, Rebecca Shargel, Sharon Feiman-Nemser and Shira Horowitz. Chair: Helena Miller

S 3.2 Spotlight Session: A Roundtable: The State of the Field of Scholarship on Learning in Jewish Education. Noah Sobe, Loyala University, Keynote. Ari Y. Kelman, Jeff Kress, and Diane Tickton Schuster, Repondents. Jon Levisohn, moderator.

*This session, marking the publication of three books by the Mandel Center at Brandeis, will have limited complementary copies of the books available for those who attend the session.

S 3.3 Spotlight Session: Early Career Professionals in Experiential Education: What We Know and What We Need to Learn. Nicole Samuel, Aryeh Bernstein, Julie Finkelstein, Joseph Reimer, Akiko Yonekawa

S 3.4 Paper Session: Issues In the Teaching of Israel . Authors: Ofra Backenroth, Sivan Zakai, Laura Novak Winer. Chair: Barry Holtz

S 3.5 Paper Session: Jewish Identity Formation. Authors: Etan Cohen, Marva Shalev Marom, David Bryfman. Chair: Sharon Avni

5:15-6:15 pm         Reception sponsored by the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for Studies in Jewish Education at Brandeis University         

6:15-7:15 pm           Dinner                                                                          

Tuesday, June 18, 2019                                                                                             

8:00-10:00 am Registration                                                                    

8:00-9:00 am   Breakfast                                                                        

9:00 -10:30 am Paper and Spotlight Session 4                          

S 4.1 Spotlight Session: How Different are Jewish Day Schools? The Case of Lay Leadership with Pearl Mattenson, Odelia Epstein, Rabbi Menachem Linzer, Head of School Hillel Torah Day School, and Laurie Hasten, Immediate Past President Hillel Torah Day School

S 4.2 Spotlight Session: The American Jewish Supplementary School: Old Models, New Paradigms. Siegfeld, Benjamin Jacobs, Jonathan Krasner  

S 4.3 Paper Session: Learning around Judaism, Israel and Jewish Youth: Reimer, Billig, Kopelowitz Chair: Ofra Backenroth        

10:45 am-12:15 pm Paper and Spotlight Session 5                          

S 5.1 Paper Session: Exploring the Roles of Hebrew and Israel in the Classroom. Authors: Avni, Rand, Marom. Chair: Jonathan Krasner  

S 5.2 Spotlight Session: Educational Technology in the Congregational School Classroom: Can we successfully align our traditional Hebrew Schools with Progressive Education Models? Joshua Troderman    

S 5.3 Spotlight Session: Group Level Assessment – Participatory Action Research in Jewish Education: Promises and Challenges. Miriam Raider-Roth, Alison Weikel, Mindy Gold and Tziporah Altman-Shafer      

12:15-1:00 pm Lunch 

12:15-1:00 pm ALOHA – Lunch & Working Meeting : Representatives of ALOHA universities and programs are invited to gather over lunch in Room TBA.  A brief working meeting will begin 15 minutes after the lunch buffet opens. Please bring yours along.                                      

1:00-2:30 pm    Paper and Spotlight Session 6                          

S 6.1 Paper Session: Development of a Universal Screening Assessment of Tanakh Reading Skills. Authors: Ariella Etshalom, Meira Motechin, Joseph Sklar. Chair: Scott Goldberg

S 6.2   Spotlight Session:  Achieving Excellence in Israel Education: Summer Camps as a Case Study. Ezra Kopelowitz, Aliza Goodman, Ari Berkowicz, Dvora Goodman  

S 6.3 Spotlight Session: Camps Confronting Change. Etan Cooper, Joseph Reimer and Julie Finkelstein