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Abraham Shapiro Academic Complex, Brandeis University

2:00-2:15 PM       ARRIVAL                                             Rm 204

2:15-2:30 PM       WELCOME                          Rm 204

2:30-4:00 PM       SESSION 1                           Rm 204

4:00-4:15 PM       BREAK

4:15-5:45 PM       SESSION 2                           Rm 204

5:45-6:30 PM       DINNER/DISCUSSION     Atrium

6:30-8:45              SESSION 3                           Rooms 209, 212, 204




Hassenfeld Conference Center, Sherman Ballroom

4:00-5:30 pm       SESSION 4     Hassenfeld Conference Center,                                 Levine-Ross

Monday, June 5
Start TimeEnd TimeLocation
8:0010:00RegistrationFeldberg Lounge
8:009:30JJE Board Meeting BreakfastShapiro Campus Center Room 313
9:0010:00Legacy Heritage Fellows (via Debrah Ron and Michael Shire)Shapiro Campus Center Room 315
9:00 (pushed back)10:00Networking/BreakfastSherman Ballroom
10:0011:30 AMSession 1Hassenfeld RoomsSpotlight: “Reserach on professional development in Jewish education: what do we have and what do we need” Samuel, Sales, Feiman-Nemser, Kohler-Fox, RazPanel: Conceptualizing Jewish Education Research Projects “Inclusive Attitudes: Considering student discussion board responses as indicators of attitudes” Novick, Salomon ” Conundrum and/or commonplace: Puzzling over Jewish life course data” Miller, Pomson “how do we conceptualize Shabbat at camp?” Reimer (Chair: Frayda Gonshor Cohen)Consultation: The influence of teacher leaders on the day school learning community” LowensteinConsultation: “Efficacy of Web-Based Research on the Jewish Social Sciences” Amanda Winer — SCC Room 313
11:451:15 PMSession 2Hassenfeld RoomsSpotlight: “Cultures and Contexts of Jewish Education” Chazan, Chazan, Jacobs and discussant Jon LevisohnPanel: Teaching Judaism: Rabbinics, Halakha and Prayer “Pathways for Utilizing Rabbinic Texts to Shape curriculum for Jewish Elementary Day School Classrooms” Goldberg “Four approaches to the instruction of Halakla” Jaffe (Chair: Scott Goldberg)Panel: “Understanding Jewish Professional development from a relational-inquiry perspective” Raider-Roth, Gold, Carlson, Weikel, Feiman-Nemser
1:152:15 PMLunchSherman Ballroom
2:15 PM3:45 PMSession 3Hassenfeld RoomsPanel: Inclusion in Jewish education “Staff attitudes about inclusion before and after an initiative for campers with disabilities” Singfer, Uhrman, etc. ” Attitudes toward inclusion in Jewish education” Olson (Chair: Rona Novick)Spotlight: “Jewish adolescents Navigating a world of choice” Reingold, Tickton Schuster, Bryfman, CarlsonPanel: Technology, games and play in Jewish education “Learning Game Mechanics for Teaching Legal Codes” Gottlieb “Educational technology in the Judaics Studies Classroom” Kleinberg “Lernen and Literary play: one pedagogy two activities” Hassenfeld (Chair: Amanda Winer)
4:00 PM5:30 PMSession 4Hassenfeld Rooms Shapiro Campus Center Room 313Panel: “Teaching and Learning Israel in the Jewish Day School” Zakai, Hassenfeld, ApplebaumRoundtable: “Which Israel? Searching for a shared language of experience” Rotem, Faratci, PomsonSpotlight: “Revisiting and attitudes and practices around Progressive approaches in JE” Lerner,Kotler, Sohn, Weiner, Bitton, WilliamsEmerging Scholars Session – 25 ppl SCC Room 313
5:30 PM6:00 PMReceptionSherman Ballroom
6:00PM8:15 PMDinner and Panel on Jewish Philanthropy ” The American Jewish Philanthropic Complex and Field Building in Jewish Education”. Lila Corwin Berman, Michael Feuer, Adam Simon (Aviv Foundation), Jon Levisohn (chair)Sherman Ballroom
8:15 PM8:45 PMDessert ReceptionSherman Ballroom
Tuesday, June 6
8:0010:00RegistrationFeldberg Lounge
8:009:00BreakfastSherman Ballroom
8:009:00Aloha Meeting (10)Shapiro Campus Center Room 315
9:0010:30Session 5Hassenfeld RoomsPanel: “Israel education in conflict: Research on teaching the arab/Palestinian Israel conflict” Avidar, Zakai, FraimanPanel: Discourse and dialogue in teaching and learning: Conceptions of threats and crisis-based language in American Jewish educational discourse and programming – “Discussion, Dialogue and Dreaming: the role of discourse in professional learning” Applebaum “The impact of formal training on language teachers thought process” Ringvald, Katz-Goldstein (Chair: Miriam Heller Stern)Panel: Purposes of Jewish Education “Jewish Education – Why or why not” Brookner and Aronson “Conversations on community: How teachers in a Jewish day school express and experience community” Hammerman (Chair: Meredith Katz)
10:4511:30Session 6Hassenfeld Rooms Shapiro Campus Center Room 313, 314 and 315Consultation: “Divergent minds, convergent molds: creative students in orthodox education” GamlielConsultation: “Catalyst of continuity: a study of critical experiences influencing self-identification and connectedness of Jewish young adults in Melbourne” Bankier KarpConsultation: “Ethnic diversity in Jewish schools: inclusion efforts and outcomes” Rand
11:3012:15Awards LunchSherman Ballroom
12:151:45Session 7Hassenfeld Rooms: Strengthening a rationale for practitioner-research in Jewish education” Meredith Katz, Nancy Parkes and Eve Rudin Kleinman


Spotlight: “What now? challenges posed by researching Hebrew in day school” Pomson, WertheimerPanel: Collectivity, peoplehood and community boundaries “Landscapes of collective belonging: Jewish Americans narrate the history of Israel after an organized tour” Hassenfeld “Peoplehood as a desirable Jewish educational outcome” Levisohn “Reflections on Jewish education for the newly un-Orthodox” Brown (Chair: Sharon Avni)
2:003:30Session 8Hassenfeld RoomsSpotlight: Making Decisions about Jewish Education Today and tomorrow” Bryfman, Dickson, Goldsmith, WachsstockSpotlight: “The Rooted Cosmopolitan Meets the Jew within” Cohen and WilliamsRoundtable: “Considering factors and conditions influencing parental choice in JE” Riegel “Jewish preschools and their competitors: parents’s choices for early childhood education and care” Shain