Journal of Jewish Education General Call for Papers

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The editors of the Journal of Jewish Education are interested in receiving papers that address and consider issues in Jewish Education. The field of Jewish education is exciting, and rapidly growing, and the Journal of Jewish Education is the premier publication for research papers in this field.

We are interested in receiving thoughtful empirical investigations, or sociological/philosophical explorations in Jewish Education – that is, oriented to advancing the successful consideration of an element of this subject—or research about this enterprise.

We are interested in papers from a range of disciplinary vantage points, including (but not limited to):

  • the history and development of the field,
  • the sociological consideration of the forces, factors, institutions and dynamics that come into replay regarding Jewish Education in a specific context or in comparative perspective,
  • investigations about the philosophical bases of the field,
  • analyses of the pedagogical and curricular challenges that arise in the course of teaching and learning within Jewish Education.

We are also interested to receive practitioner research papers. Practitioner research is small scale, typically initiated by practitioners from local issues arising from their practices. The driving force in practitioner research is an urge to understand and improve practice and often to change it.

Intents should be sent to and should include the name of the author(s), author contact information, a working title and an anticipated submission date.

Authors should follow the Instructions for Authors available online at the Journal of Jewish Education website:

All manuscripts should be submitted electronically through ScholarOne (click on the green “Submit an article” button on the Journal home page).

Specific questions regarding submissions should be directed to

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